• Own window and slots
    • Items are placed in a new window_type just for switchbot
    • Items can be moved from slot to slot
    • Right click on Items in switchbot are putting it back to inventory
    • ALT + LMOUSE is pasting the item-string to chat
  • Changer or Yang
    • Easy to configure if Changer-Items or Yang should be used for each change
    • Amount of Changer or Yang configurable easily
    • Able to use more than one vnum as changer
  • Attribute-Table and Selection
    • Server is sending all Attribute-Sets to the client
    • While selection of an attribute the maximum value is already preselected
    • The list of attributes is filtered for the selected item-type. it’s only possible to select attributes you can get
    • Double selection of attributes isn’t possible
    • Inserting value of attribute can’t exceed it’s max value and will be reset to its max value while typing
    • Searchbar for quick search of desired attribute
    • Searching can be directly accepted by pressing Enter-key when result is one attribute
  • Alternative-Attributes
    • Each slot has multiple alternatives configurable
    • Amount of alternatives easily configurable (Enum: SWITCHBOT_ALTERNATIVE_COUNT)
      • UI is auto adapting itself to specified amount in source
  • Notifications
    • Silent – No ChatPackets are send!
    • If the process if finished successfully it’s sending a private message to the player
  • Networking- & Refresh-Optimizations
    • Own UpdateItem-Packet
      • Only containing needed informations (Slot, Vnum, Attributes, Sockets)
      • Directly passed to switchbot window, when it’s open.
    • ChangeAttribute-Methode optimized:
      • CItem.ChangeAttribute was executing “SetAttribute” for each attribute the item contains. That was always sending an UpdatePacket, which results into about 7 refreshes per single change process.
        • If ChangeAttribute is executed now and the item is placed in window_type “SWITCHBOT” the original update packet is blocked/not send.
        • Switchbot is now setting all attributes and sending ONE packet afterwards to refresh/update the item informations.
        • Tooltip is not shrinking/growing while the process because the amount of attributes will always stay the same. (Much smoother behaviour)
    • Speed-Configuration
      • Since the new update packet is much lighter , only sending once per process and it’s checked serverside it can reach much faster speed configurations.
      • The delays between each change-process can be adjusted in a constant value on top of the new switchbot-class in server source.
    • P2P
      • When warping to another core the switchbot informations are transfered to your target core and will always continue changing even when warping. (Logout clears those informations and stops the bot!)


Optimized network – Optimized Speed

Transfering required data via P2P Core to Core

Attribute Saving and Loading


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